Sonic Forces Gets Official Release Date, Bonus Edition

Sonic Forces Screenshots

Sega Has Announced the Release Date for Sonic Forces as Well as a Bonus Edition

The game will be available on every major gaming system, such as the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

SEGA has announced that Sonic Forces, the second Sonic game of 2017, will be released on November 7th in North America and Europe. This release date is for both the U.S. and European markets. As you can see in the show below, the Bonus Edition comes with a Sonic Forces physical copy of the game, as well as a Sonic Forces Controller Skin, and a "Sega/Atlus pack" add-on, which offers an additional 13 in-game outfit items and accessories based on classic entries in the companies' game history. There are Jet Set Radio, Persona, Puyo Puo, Super Monkey Ball and Nights outfits.

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If you happen to be a gamer who prefers pre-ordering upcoming titles, starting this very day, users can pre-order the physical-only Bonus Edition for consoles (PS4, Xbox One and Switch) for $39.99. Not a bad deal at all, considering the price. Either way, Sega is surely looking at the numbers for both games as it plans Sonic's future. Players can switch between classic Sonic and modern Sonic, as they try to save the world from a new foe named Infinite.

If you happen to be excited for the next Sonic game to release this year, which follows after Sonic Mania, and happens to go by the name of Sonic Forces, then there's good news in that a release and pre-order date has arrived. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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