Grab some tissues for The Witcher's 10th anniversary video

The Witcher main character Geralt of Rivia

CD Projekt RED Celebrates The Witcher's 10th Anniversary

The series recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and to commemorate the same, CD Projekt RED has released a new video. October 26 is the ten-year anniversary of the release of the original Witcher game on PC. The excellent Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings fared even better, but it was the final chapter in the story (and its Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine expansions) that managed to achieve true greatness. The hardest of hardcore fanbase grew, and the series edged closer to the realm of mainstream. Throughout his monologue, we can see Geralt is surrounded by a sea of familiar faces - but who is who?

Yesterday, the studio released the video below, which featured Geralt of Rivia and the rest of The Witcher's cast raising a toast to the fans.

Ciri hands the majordomo her wine and is greeted and hugged by Regis, the high vampire you encounter during the Blood and Wine DLC.

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In it, fans can see Geralt reminiscing all of his wonderful adventures from the series of games. Geralt hugs Ciri, who is then quickly rushed away by Anna.

CD Projekt RED has released a cute little video as a way to say thank you to the fans who have supported the series over the last ten years.

Whether this is just a nice video for the fans or a hint at something larger that might be appearing nearer the actual anniversary date remains to be seen. Don't be surprised if you have the urge to return to the series after watching this.

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