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Margin Makers: Guide to Destiny 2 merchandise

Defeat an ironmonger in the first Nightfall Strike of Destiny 2

If you're playing Destiny 2 and wondering why you haven't got a Sparrow yet, you aren't doing anything wrong - it's just takes a lot longer to get a Sparrow in Destiny 2 than it did in the original game. The bottom line, at least from where we're sitting, is that the previous system has been butchered in order to bolster the appeal of Destiny 2's bright engram microtransactions.

Destiny 2 was launched on Wednesday for the PS4 and Xbox One. There are some spoilers linked to endgame Destiny 2 campaign content, so you've been warned. Destiny 2 is kicking it up a notch with more exotic quality emotes, including the "Spicy Ramen" one shared below from a user on Reddit. Over there you'll find loads of info, including a guide to exotic weapons and armor. By and large, the game has received a very positive reaction from the community, and as SunsetCorn's thread says, "Can we take a moment to appreciate that our biggest gripe with the game is the shaders?". The Sparrow is also known for its ability to perform incredible stunts.

Back in the original Destiny, getting access to your Sparrow was par for the course, with the interesting stuff being based around the cosmetic changes to them that you could get from a vendor - and of course the Sparrow racing events.

Why Is The Sparrow Hard To Get In "Destiny 2"? The process isn't quite as simple as it sounds, so we've detailed the steps for you below. Head down to the Hanger once you're there, and talk to Amanda Holliday.

Margin Makers: Guide to Destiny 2 merchandise

You can only buy bright engrams after reaching the current level cap of 20 (so somebody must've been up late last night to get that far), but you can earn them for free after that. This box might contain a Legendary or Exotic Sparrow.

When Tess Everis arrives, after the Spark mission, you'll have access to her shop, Eververse, and can now preview (but not buy) her Bright Engrams.

While there are fast travel points - and they load really quickly, too! - veterans will want to pull out a Sparrow - a hoverbike style vehicle taking you from A to B at a much faster pace than your own two feet deliver.

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