If we had to drive an electric vehicle, it'd be this Jaguar

EnlargeDavid Rogers  Getty Images

EnlargeDavid Rogers Getty Images

Representing the past, present and future of the brand, all three vehicles share the distinction of running on battery power alone, highlighting Jaguar's new commitment to electrify every new vehicle it releases from 2020 on. The latest is Jaguar which announced today that starting in 2020, all of its new cars will either be some type of hybrid or EV. Jaguar will launch its first electric vehicle, the I-Pace, next year. No other reproduction or distribution is permitted without prior written consent. Based on a 1968 Series 1.5 Roadster, but with the old drivetrain switched out in favour of one of JLR's current battery-fed setups, the classic sports vehicle will now hit 60mph in a very respectable 5.5 seconds.

Jaguar Classic says that the newly developed electric powertrain isn't just suitable for the E-type.

To build some excitement around the news, Jaguar has unveiled two interesting concepts.

"E-type Zero combines the renowned E-type dynamic experience with enhanced performance through electrification".

However, non-electric models will assumedly be phased out over time, leaving only fully-electric or hybrid vehicles on the showroom floor.

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But it's that electrified E-Type that has us particularly intrigued. According to the perspective the only part of a vehicle owned by a consumer is the steering wheel, which has been named the Sayer after Malcolm Sayer, designer of the E-type.

Britain said that it will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040 as part of an effort to cut pollution. While this gives a fresh twist on a motoring classic, we're still wondering whether we'll be able to get that electric Range Rover.

The spokesman said that, by 2020 50% of the Jaguar and Land Rover ranges will be available with a drivetrain which is in some way electrified. A big factor it will also be considering is the fact that all manufacturers must average just 95g/km by 2021. What you would claim as yours is the intelligent steering wheel called Sayer.

As far as the performance of the automobile is concerned, the sports vehicle can top 0-62 miles per hour just in a matter of approximately 5.5 seconds.

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