Facebook Testing A Tinder-Like Feature For Messenger

Facebook Is Testing a Tinder Like Feature on Messenger

Facebook wants to help you make more friends with a new feature

"We look forward to hearing people's feedback". Some of Facebook's suggestions were just friends. However, if both parties say "yes", the meeting planning can ensue. It is unclear when Facebook will roll out this new feature, but apparently, some users are already able to test it.

Integrating a hangout or dating element into Facebook can potentially take audiences away from Tinder; however, Facebook doesn't seem to want that to happen - at least not yet.

Undoubtedly, and especially with its similarities to Tinder, the new feature will be used by some to establish romantic dates (good for them). A Facebook spokesperson told Motherboard, "People often use Facebook to make plans with their friends".

The app said that Dubé's response would be kept private unless he and the friend both indicated that they wanted to meetup, otherwise he could click "No Thanks", and nothing else would happen.

Facebook wants to help you make more friends with a new feature

Anyhow, the move looks very much like Facebook copying other apps's features again.

Focusing on friendly encounters, the feature prompts messages like - "Would you like to meet up with (name) this week?" The only difference appears to be that on Tinder, the request is sent to strangers while on Messenger, you can only connect to your Facebook friends. It seems that this feature is still in its beta mode which is being tested in various countries by randomly picking the users.

FACEBOOK could soon be helping people have SEX with each other. Until then, let's see what we already know about it. However, this new feature also lists down things that they have in common, like pages they've both liked or places or events they've both attended.

Well lets hope this new connecting feature will be of any help. Contacted by Motherboard, the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear that he was not really dating nature lovers or sexual, as Tinder, but to encourage the friends to Facebook to see in real life.

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