RED reveals how its holographic Hydrogen One phone will work

Holographic Leia lives in Red's new phone (not the princess)

RED Shares More Details On Hydrogen One's 'Holographic' Screen

RED has partnered with a company called Leia Inc.

Leia leverages recent breakthroughs in Nano-Photonic design and manufacturing to provide a complete lightfield "holographic" display solution for mobile devices, through proprietary hardware and software. Joining hands with Leia Inc., the phone has been given a new display screen.

So, how does the tech work?

Leia is a spin off from Hewlett Packard, who developed a lightfield technology for mobile devices. It says the tech can create a holograph-like effect, "while preserving the normal operation of the display".

The holographic display technology focuses on projecting the 3D objects that you can view from various angles based on your physical position. For example, a mapping application could theoretically look like a little model of a city with buildings poking out of the screen. You'd then be able to interact with the objects "above" the display through hover gestures enabled by Leia's partnership with Synaptics. The layer, protected under patent, is a "nanostructured light guide plate in a standard edge-lit configuration to produce a custom lightfield illumination of the LCD front-plane". Thrilling, isn't it? This feature would perhaps be used to display 3D maps and open a realm to innovative display of elements altogether.

How well does this work in practice?

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Yet at this point, we don't actually know, because despite all the noise and hype that's come out about this holographic phone, no one outside of a few celebrities from film and YouTube, have seen it in action.

Ultimately, we'll have a chance to try out the holographic technology sometime in the first half of 2018, when RED is expected to launch its handset. RED hasn't showed the tech to many folks yet, but MKBHD's Marcus Brownlee did see it, and said he was "pretty impressed", adding that it wasn't flawless because of issues like light bleeding and stuttering for 4D gaming.

The RED Hydrogen One is also meant to be for filmmakers, which is why it will be able to work as a control center for the company's Scarlet, EPIC and Weapon lines of cinema cameras.

The RED Hydrogen One smartphone is already up for pre-order on the official RED website.

"This is an incredible opportunity for both companies and a flawless marriage", says Jim Jannard, Founder, and Chairman of RED.

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