The voter fraud commission is chasing shadows in New Hampshire

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Exclusive – Kobach: It Appears That Out-of-State Voters Changed the Outcome of the New Hampshire US Senate Race

It's a reminder that "vote early and vote often!" was the slogan of Chicago Democrats long before President Trump convened the Commission on Election Integrity, which met in New Hampshire on Tuesday. It is hard to imagine a more cynical enterprise than this commission, which Trump appointed after he claimed (falsely) that the casting of illegal votes last November accounted for his loss of the popular vote, which #Hillary Clinton won by a margin of almost three million. Democrats have blasted the commission as a biased panel determined to curtail voting rights, and they ramped up their criticism ahead of and during the group's daylong meeting in New Hampshire. Plaintiffs in the case argued the law will suppress voter registrations. Who are those people?

Tuesday was the second meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

There was no mention of the data request during the commission's meeting, which included presentations about historical election turnout data, electronic voting systems and issues affecting public confidence in elections.

"The claim goes something like this: The commission will meet, then they'll recommend things like photo ID or some other election security measure, then the states will adopt them". There's your leap in logic. "The commission does not have the ability to do a Jedi mind trick on a state legislature and force them to adopt anything", he said, the AP reported.

"The Administration chose to appoint to the Commission an individual who strongly objected to a bipartisan inquiry but also to a formal role for social scientists trained in data collection and dispassionate analysis". Kobach also said it's possible the commission will make no recommendations and just tell states "here's the data". In February, he said thousands of people had been bused to New Hampshire from MA to vote illegally in the swing state.

"When pressed to explain further, many simply stated that they were provided a ballot, made their selections on the entire ballot and returned the completed ballot", he said.

Tuesday's meeting drew protesters as the panel heard from speakers about voting trends and the extent voter fraud exists, something speakers from conservative groups like Judicial Watch and Heritage Foundation said was real.

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"If they are picking mainstream Republican officials and/or academics to man this commission it will be an abject failure because there aren't any that know anything about this or who have paid any attention to this issue over the years", the email says.

"The problem that has occurred because of what you wrote is the question of whether our election, as we have recorded it, is real and valid", Gardner said.

He was referring to an op-ed that Kobach, the commission's vice chair, penned for Breitbart last week claiming he'd found "proof" that out-of-state voters had taken advantage of the state's same-day registration to cast illegal votes.

This is absurd. As the Brennan Center for Justice, at the New York University School of Law, and New Hampshire Public Radio, among others, have noted, most of these out-of-state licenses likely belonged to college students, who are allowed to vote in New Hampshire under state law and would have had no reason to obtain a New Hampshire license after Election Day.

Dunlap dismissed the idea, calling it a "sterling example of the laws of unintended consequences" that would widen the mission of the background check database, which he said was never meant to be used as an election tool. "I think it's going to have to come from the federal government", he said. Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap (D) described the column, which stated that Hassan's race was "stolen through voter fraud", as "reckless", adding that there is "no connection between motor vehicle law and election law".

- Enact federal legislation that any candidate or person cooperating with a foreign government, in connection with an US election, be prosecuted for treason.

Lott seems to believe this would enable authorities to review criminal history and immigration status, if someone renounced American citizenship and just to "check if the right people are voting". Driving is a privilege.

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