In France, the Americans poured acid

This image taken from video shows passengers inside Marseille-Saint-Charles railway station in Marseille France on Sunday Sept. 17 2017. Four young US tourists were attacked with acid Sunday at a train station in the French city of Marseille

BREAKING: Four tourists have 'acid thrown in their faces' outside train station

Four female U.S. tourists were injured on Sunday in an acid attack at a train station in the city of Marseille, France, the Associated Press reports.

Two women, aged 20 and 21, were brought to hospital following the incident in which they were apparently hit in the face with a corrosive substance.

One of the two women was suffering from partial loss of vision.

A 41-year-old female suspect has been arrested in connection with the attack.

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More on this as it develops.

The tourists - who are all in their 20s - were hospitalized, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor told the Associated Press. She spoke on condition of anonymity, per the French judicial system.

French authorities said they do not believe the attack is terrorism. Authorities are not releasing the identities of the victims and the suspect. The health of the other vitriolage victim is not yet known, and the two other victims, who were physically unharmed, are being treated for shock. The spokeswoman did not reveal the identities of the people involved or the circumstances behind the attack. After being arrested, she allegedly told the police: "I was a fool".

One attack, which was supposed to happen in April leading up to the French presidential election, was thwarted.

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