Mattis hints at military options on North Korea but offers no details

Threats cannot help resolve crisis in Korean peninsula says China

To shoot down or not? North Korea launch highlights intercept issues

The test came in the wake of tougher sanctions imposed by the United Nations following the country's sixth nuclear test early this month. The video, which was broadcast by its state television, shows the missile being fired directly from a truck-mounted transporter erector launcher with leader Kim Jong-un spotted observing the process. In the article, Abe recalls what the UN Security Council's latest steps have been towards North Korea, namely the sanctions adopted on 11 September following the Pyongyang nuclear test of 3 September.

The U.S. blustered that it would not rule out "military option" while making absurd assertion that the sanctions are a peaceful solution.

The tension on the Korean peninsula has intensified since last Friday, North Korea once again launched a ballistic missile over Japan.

The regime wanted to display its displeasure at the latest round of United Nations sanctions, which were imposed following North Korea's sixth nuclear test on 3 September, its most powerful to date. Monday's flyovers came three days after North Korea fired an intermediate-range missile over Japan into the northern Pacific Ocean in apparent defiance of US -led worldwide pressure on the country.

"North Korea is pretty much cut off from the world", she said on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday.

The U.S. military has described the exercises as training for readiness "to fight tonight" against North Korea if needed.

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South Koreans are now asking themselves what that option would be, as local military experts speculate about an electromagnetic pulse attack, a high-intensity burst of electromagnetic energy that wipes out power grids, a cyber attack or other possibilities.

South Korea and Japan also have the ability to defend against the North's growing arsenal.

The United States and South Korea, and separately Russian Federation together with China, started military drills on Wednesday in a show of force against North Korea, which has repeatedly defied the United Nations to conduct nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

Trump, in a tweet, asserted that long lines for gas were forming in North Korea, and he said that was "too bad".

The newest UNSC resolution froze North Korea's oil imports at the current level while cutting its imports of refined petroleum products by half. We don't want war. "But we also have to look at the fact that you are dealing with someone who is being reckless, irresponsible and is continuing to give threats not only to the United States, but to all their allies, so something is going to have to be done".

This image was released by the Korean Central News Agency a day after North Korea test-fired a missile over Japan on Friday, Sept. 15, 2017.

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