Amazon working on smart glasses with Alexa, home security camera

An Echo Dot at home

An Echo Dot at home

FT writes that Amazon's glasses will use bone-conduction audio tech, so the consumers won't need a headset to hear Alexa.

Amazon hired Babak Parviz, founder of Google Glass, a few years ago, which adds even more credence to the development of a pair of spectacles. This has led Amazon to develop alternative connected devices.

The Alexa integration means the tablet can also control smart home devices like lights, and Amazon plans to update the device to be able to interact with smart home cameras. Amazon doesn't want Alphabet to be the only player in the segment.

Amazon likely sold about 2.4 million tablets during the second quarter of the year, up 52 percent from a year earlier and good enough for 6.4 percent of the global market, IDC estimates.

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However, despite Amazon's strong track record of merciless competition and disruption, the company has a mixed history with producing compelling hardware and creating platforms.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos though isn't betting on the wearable doing well on its own.

Amazon's new Fire HD 10 will bring Alexa hands-free to the tablet family for the first time this October 11. Echo, introduced in 2014, excited the industry. Jeff Bezos & Co. recognized the potential of affordable, assistant-powered, home speakers long before Alphabet Inc./Google (GOOGL), Apple Inc. It could also signal you when an Amazon product has been delivered, completing some kind of weird retail loop. If that's the case, Amazon could hit a price point similar to its Echo devices.

However, the company is reportedly exploring a camera product as well. This division is tasked with studying the smart home market and coming up with devices that should be next to the market. Previous iterations of the product were known to be meagre in that department, offering just the basic tablet needs. This would be independent from the arsenal of Echo devices Amazon has built up, although, as you might expect, would work in conjunction with the likes of the Amazon Echo Show in order to let you view the feed.

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