Taco Bell Opening 300 Locations, Ditching Drive-Through, Adding Alcohol

Taco Bell Plans New Locations That Will Serve Alcohol

Taco Bell plans to open 300+ stores without drive-thrus

The redesigned cantinas will open in a handful of big cities like Nashville, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and NY. The new locations, in urban areas like New York City, Chicago and Detroit, will not include drive-thrus, the company said. They will feature local artwork and open kitchens, so you can watch your food being cooked.

But possibly the biggest change on tap for the food retailer is adding alcohol to its menu.

On the menu will be sangria, beer and Twisted Freezes - slushies with rum, vodka or tequila.

The Tex-Mex chain also has global expansion plans, according to Bloomberg, and hopes to open more than 100 locations in Canada, China and Brazil. Currently, there are already roughly 6,000 Taco Bell restaurants nationwide, but expanding the urban footprint, in particular, makes sense.

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Taco Bell will reportedly open between 300 and 350 locations in big cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Nashville and NY.

It's a first in the US for Taco Bell, which is owned by Louisville, Kentucky-based Yum Brands Inc.

He explained: 'To put in a drive-thru you need land. You couldn't afford it.

However, new locations are expected to serve alcohol. Drive-thru locations in the traditional layout will remain for years to come, even as this experimental style is tested in big cities.

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