IT officer's son murdered by kidnappers, body recovered in Bengaluru

Bengaluru Student Found Dead In Lake After Whats App Videos To Family

Sharath whose father Niranjan Kumar is a senior income tax official was kidnapped on September 14

The 19-year-old's parents received a video through WhatsApp at around 10pm that day in which he conveyed his abductors' demand for a ransom of Rs 50 lakh.

Police said Vishal and his friends, Kumar and Pai, discussed ways to earn quick money to settle down in life. Vikky works as a cab driver while Karan is employed at a factory and Vinod does not have a regular job. In the video, Sharath stated that he had been kidnapped by some persons who looked like terrorists and were demanding a ransom of Rs 50 lakh from his parents, said police. When his decomposed body was exhumed, the family were inconsolable. His parents approached the police and also started calling his friends, including Vishal, telling them about the video.

"Sharath is believed to have been strangled in the auto around midnight".

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He asked his family to arrange for the money and get him freed, the complaint said. The kidnappers killed Sharath after they found out that his father had filed a police complaint. Initially, they allegedly dumped the body in a lake on the outskirts of Bengaluru but when it floated to the surface after two days, they buried it near the lake. Soon after, Vishal visited Sharath's house to console the family. On the third day, they saw the body floating in the water. "They made a decision to take the body and bury it in a stone quarry nearby", Rathore said. Sharath is believed to have been strangulated a couple of days after he was kidnapped, said police. The police have said that his friend was among the kidnappers.

Police managed to identify and track down the accused with the help of analysis of mobile communications and the video message sent to Sharath's family, police said.

Initial reports claim that the young boy was kidnapped by one of his relatives whose name is Vishal who is also arrested. Vishal lured Sharath, who had a craze for bikes, into the trap on the pretext of going on a ride on a high-end bike.

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