Kashmir Conflict Should be Resolved Bilaterally by India and Pakistan: China

Pakistan has much to gain from partnering with our effort US Vice president tells PM Abbasi

Pakistan has much to gain from partnering with our effort US Vice president tells PM Abbasi

India was exercising its right of reply to answer Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi's plea to the United Nations that it appoint a special envoy to Kashmir and intervene in the state. "No human rights organisations were being allowed access to Kashmir, as India wants to hide its shameless acts of sheer barbarism against the oppressed Kashmiris", Asif added.

Further, urging for a just, peaceful and expeditious resolution of the dispute over Kashmir, Prime Minister Abbasi called on the Security Council secure the implementation of its own resolution on the region.

"Shotgun pellets have blinded and maimed thousands of Kashmiris, including children". In a speech that was welcomed by India, Mr. Trump came down on Pakistan for providing safe havens to terrorists and asked India to play a bigger role in Afghanistan.

"Those have to be resolved first, and Kashmir is the basic core issue there".

Pakistan has been consistently active in the war against terrorism and that it has lost more to the cause than any other nation, the premier said.

Labelling Pakistan as "terroristan" over the issue of terrorism, India in its reply to Pakistan's defending terrorism has clearly said that the country has now become a land of "pure terror" and a flourishing "industry" producing and exporting global terrorism.

Pakistan has raised objection with the U.S. over President Donald Trump advocating greater role for India in the war-torn Afghanistan, the country's top diplomat said today.

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Rubbing salt into the wounds of Pakistan, Afghanistan too backed India's stand against Pakistan and slammed the country for supporting terrorism.

President Trump also has warned that Washington will not remain silent if Islamabad does not move against the alleged terrorist sanctuaries.

Pakistan has suffered $120 billion worth of economic losses due to the "vicious" war the country has been involved in to rout the militants, said the PM, adding that the impression that Pakistan is fighting the war against terrorism with foreign resources is wrong. In this background, the Prime Minister did the right thing by rejecting not only concerns on Pakistan's nuclear arsenals but also the Indian domination.

The Afghan leader has been insisting on having a peace dialogue with Pakistan he believes will eventually end the Taliban insurgency in his country. However, after 16 years of war in Afghanistan, it was clear that peace would not be restored by the continuing resort to military force.

"Neither can we endorse any fair strategy that prolongs and intensify the sufferings of the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan", he said.

He stressed promoting negotiations between Kabul and the Afghan Taliban in the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) or any trilateral format to evolve a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan.

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