Violent Crime, Homicide Rates Rose in 2016 for Second Straight Year

Image Police investigate the scene of a shooting in Chicago on Jan. 1 2017. The shooting of two people brought the number of people shot in Chicago to 4000 people in 2016- one of the most violent years in the city in two decades

Police investigate the scene of a shooting in Chicago on Jan. 1 2017. Scott Olson Getty Images

These numbers come from the FBI's "2016 Crime in the United States", an annual data resource tracking the reported numbers of homicides, robberies, rapes and other crimes across city, state and national levels.

Across the USA, the homicide rate also increased by 7.9 percent in 2016, marking an overall jump of more than 20 percent since 2014, the report said.

That includes 78 murders reported in 2016-the lowest number since 1969, according to a summary provided by state Undersecretary for Criminal Justice Policy and Planning, Mike Lawlor.

The marginal increase marked the second consecutive year violent crime grew in Providence after the city posted its safest year on record in 2014.

For one, we still don't know whether the rise is a blip, or not, for a country that has had historically low-violent crime levels in recent years.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned of a trend in his statement accompanying the report. Violent crimes also jumped from 24,663 in 2015 to more than 30,000 previous year. In 1991, for instance, the violent crime rate was 758.2 per 100,000 people, and the murder rate was 9.8 per 100,000 people, after which both numbers began to fall, albeit with some year-over-year increases. "Crime is incredibly geographically conscience - not just Chicago verses other cities, but even within Chicago".

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In 2015, the Brennan Center said the surge in killings was fueled by just three cities - Chicago, Baltimore and Washington.

Therefore, Pfaff says, when President Trump rhetorically asked repeatedly what's going on in Chicago, the answers are concentrated in nine percent of the city's population, and not prone to national analysis or easy answers. There were almost 1.25 million violent crimes in the nation previous year, according to the crime report. Last year, the center reported that the increased homicide rate for the country's 30 biggest cities was in large part due Chicago, finding that it was responsible for almost half of this increase. The murder rate spiked more than 20 percent in the largest cities. The city is continuing that this year, with 192 murders reported through September 17, down from 250 at the same point a year earlier. The FBI reported that previous year, 435 people were killed in justifiable homicides by law enforcement officers. Lindsay Lague, a spokesperson for Providence police, said the city had 6,279 reported property crimes in 2016, which would be a 4% increase.

The number of reported rapes fell by 14, from 95 to 81.

Experts say the Federal Bureau of Investigation report is not an exact measurement of local crime because local agencies often reclassify incidents during the year.

Those figures are then transferred automatically to the state police Michigan Incident Crime Reporting database, and from there to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting system.

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