The iPhone X packs a smaller battery than the Galaxy S8

An attendee checks out a new iPhone X during an Apple launch event in Cupertino California

An attendee checks out a new iPhone X during an Apple launch event in Cupertino California

Apple has also recently announced the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and 4K Apple TV.

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As we all know that aluminium is much stronger than glass so it is much easier to crack the back of the iPhone 8.

According to analysts, it is $ 248.

Then there are those who'll wait because they find value in the additional features the iPhone X brings to the table. The 64GB model will be priced at $999 while the 256GB version will cost you $1,149. It's most noticeable when used in conjunction with Apple's ARKit for augmented reality (AR) apps, even though such apps are useable on older iPhones running iOS11.

Now this isn't anything new - Apple's 3D touch is pressure responsive. So, hacking the Apple iPhone X facial recognition is a little trickier than hacking the same feature of the Galaxy S8, but it's not impossible.

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I wasn't ready to give up the home button and Touch ID. The dot projector creates your face map by projecting 30,000 invisible dots onto your face.

But it's not just appearances and form factor that set the iPhone X apart.

Raymond James expects the iPhone X to sell better than expected, which could offset the lack of a "super cycle" due to the higher cost of the device. Most of the differences lay in the manufacturing process, and while some differences may be noticeable in a side-by-side comparison, both will provide bright colors and deep contrast.

In spite of the high pre-order estimates, Kuo still expressed concern over Apple's supply bottlenecks; in particular, the TrueDepth camera which may cause supply shortages into 2018. However, it incredibly resembles Microsoft's Kinect.

With the premium iPhone X, Apple has finally made the switch to an OLED display. Android manufacturers, on the other hand, have generally been racing to stuff bigger batteries into their phones. This is quite a price difference from last year's model. The latest downside in the Apple share price comes as demand for the iPhone 8 is reported to have been weak.

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