The Funniest Reactions To Twitter Upping The Character Limit To 280

A 140 character tweet and 280 character tweet

A 140 character tweet and 280 character tweet

In a six-tweet response thread, Twitter said one of the factors it takes into account when weighing whether to remove a tweet is the newsworthiness and public interest of the post. Twitter hopes the new changes will make it easier and enjoyable for everyone to tweet.

The company said in the blog post that users tweeting in many languages frequently hit the character limit.

In the past week, debate has swirled over whether Trump's tweeting about North Korea - including a comment where he said its leader "won't be around much longer" violated Twitter's terms of service banning threats of violence.

280 characters is certainly a big leap from 140 - it's twice the number, after all - but it's much less than the 10,000 character limit that was rumored previous year.

Aliza Rosen, Product Manager at Twitter, noted the reasons behind Twitter's character extension roll out. They noticed that many users find it hard to summarize their thoughts in one tweet, with only 140 characters allowed. It reported no growth in the number of users and a net loss of $116 million for the first quarter of 2017.

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Meanwhile, the company's share price has dipped around 43% to $16.59 in the past year. And users have found creative ways to get around the restrictions, including taking screenshots of blocks of text and highlighting relevant phrases.

The more tweets change, the more tweets stay the same.

Since his return as CEO in 2015, Dorsey has made some changes to the company he helped found, including slashing the company's workforce and introducing a news feature called Moments. "That is something we will never change", read the blog post. Of course, not every user of Twitter is also TweetDeck user. Twitter, by comparison, can appear intimidating to neophytes. People jokingly said that the Japanese people could easily fit a light novel in a 280 character tweet. The platform is beholden to consumers of real-time news (perhaps the opposite of fun?) and people with a penchant for sharing terse opinions.

Attempting to snuggle your sentences within 140 characters on Twitter can be extremely challenging. Knowing this fact, a lot of hassle has been created among the users who are also willing to try out the new 280 characters feature.

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