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But attempt to craft a second chapter to Blade Runner, a decidedly and uniquely visionary piece of cinema that transcended middling box office and polarized reviews to become something more than a movie, something part and parcel of our collective cultural consciousness?

A new short-film titled "Black Out 2022", a behind the scenes featurette "Experience Joi" and a vignette "Luv" reveal more footage from the sci-fi spectacular. Set three decades after the prior film, a new Blade Runner named K (Ryan Gosling) discovers a secret that threatens the current world order.

But, despite everything that's so exquisite and impressive about "Blade Runner 2049", its third act problems (a worrying trait in Villeneuve's oeuvre) almost derail a film that is oh so close to being a masterpiece. Blade Runner 2049 also stars Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, Carla Juri, Lennie James, Dave Bautista, and Jared Leto.

What is known is that an older, rugged Ford reprises his role as Officer Deckard. "So it's always had a special place in my heart and it's something I've looked to for inspiration over the years".

"We organized a meeting and I said, 'One of my conditions is I needed to be in the same room as Ridley Scott and have him say it's OK to take the baton, '" Villeneuve confesses.

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Arriving in theaters 35 years after the original film, audiences are curious to see if acclaimed filmmaker Denis Villeneuve's sequel is a worthy successor to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, which is widely regarded as a cinematic classic. In fact, I will only discuss that in person, preferably over a drink, in a heated argument.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter''s Todd McCarthy said that the performances don't quite match those in the original. Before last year's sci-fi hit Arrival, which proved he had the visual genre chops, he made movies like Prisoners and Sicario, hard-boiled detective and cartel dramas with anti-heroes and bloodshed in which every drop felt heavier than the next. Shell out the extra money to see this on the biggest and loudest screen in your vicinity.

Blade Runner 2049 absolutely needs Blade Runner, but it also enhances it and builds upon it. "Seriously, it was a strong help for me". But it's hard to leave the original behind when 2049 itself insists on referencing it at every turn, choosing to replay entire subplots from its legendary forebear as mysteries to be unearthed. The first movie asked enormous philosophical questions about the nature of humanity, but it was a tone poem first and foremost, enveloping its audience in a world where huge advancements have done nothing to curb the pervasive sense of ennui. It's a director's movie. There was a before and after, and it inspired so much.

But getting a chance to expand on the ideas from the first film - namely what it means to be human - was something he couldn't resist.

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