Super Nintendo Classic selling out across Winnipeg

The SNES Classic Releases Tomorrow and How Can You Get One

As Nintendo Preps SNES Relaunch, A Look Back At The System's Top 10 Bestsellers

Nintendo on Friday will follow-up its ultra popular NES Classic Edition, a miniature version of its original console gaming system, by releasing a miniature version of its Super NES system. For its part, Nintendo said it has dramatically increased SNES Classic Edition production, though it failed to confirm just how many it made.

It seems like Nintendo is having a pretty successful launch for the SNES Classic Edition.

The NES Classic Mini featured 30 games (although you could add more by hacking the machine), all accessible through a smart, easy-to-use scrollable menu system. "Most stores I called sold out as soon as they opened, with long lines meaning that not even all the people who showed up early were able to get their hands on a unit". I never had the chance to play A Link to the Past (gasp!), so now I've finally settled in and played the one Legend of Zelda game that's always been missing from my Zelda history.

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Nintendo promised that it would have more units available for purchase than it did with the NES Classic, and many retailers insisted that they would have the SNES Classic available on launch day, though in limited supply.

Below you can find a list of retail stores that carry the SNES Classic. Not only does it compile some of the greatest games of all-time, but it also has the previously-unreleased Star Fox 2. Still, you can keep an eye on the web page for the SNES to see if anything goes live, or check in at your local store. It comes preloaded with twenty-one original games. Another noticeable design difference is that the Classic doesn't have a cartridge slot because, well, you don't need cartridges to play these days. "Once we do, our customers will be the first to know!"

As for the inverse scenario - an NES Classic with an SNES Classic Controller - we tested Super Mario Bros. On the bright side, that's still plenty of time for it to arrive if you intend to make the SNES Classic a holiday gift.

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