Catalan independence in 'matter of days'

Rajoy says rule of law prevailed in Catalonia by blocking referendum

Catalan leader calls for international mediation in Madrid stand-off

Asked about the Spanish police crackdown Sunday on people trying to vote in Catalonia's independence referendum, government spokesman Steffen Seibert said "it's absolutely not my role to evaluation police operations in Spain".

More than 890 civilians were treated for injuries, a lot of them not serious, following clashes during Sunday's referendum, according to Catalan regional health authorities.

Call for help: Catalonia called for the European Union to help it gain independence, Quartz reported.

Many small businesses were shut for the day.

Over 890 people were injured as Spanish riot police tried to stop the vote Sunday, according to the Catalan Department of Health. We don't want a traumatic break.

Road closures related to the protests briefly halted production at Volkswagen's Catalonia plant.

He said: "Someone needs to tell the Catalan people the truth".

The leader of the Green group, Ska Keller, criticized Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy for pursuing a confrontational path that had "clearly failed".

In Barcelona's Catalonia and University squares, a sea of demonstrators waved flags, a lot of them "esteladas" embraced by those wishing secession, but also plenty of Spanish national flags.

"By Monday, we will either be in jail or free", one minister, who requested his name not be used, added.

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Sedition, for public officials, carries a maximum of 15 years in prison.

Catalonia's leaders appear intent on declaring independence from Spain in the coming days. He had earlier met Rajoy to discuss the situation in Catalonia. Ska Keller, the co-president of Greens in the EU Parliament, will open the discussion.

Josep Lluís Trapero was called to testify in Madrid on Friday: Spanish authorities believe Trapero's 17,000-strong force did not do enough to prevent the banned referendum from taking place.

Over two million Catalans voted in the referendum which was ruled illegal under the constitution.

The King sent a message of support for Catalans who were not in favor of independence saying they were "not on their own and they will not be; they have the support of all of Spain and the solidarity of the rest of the Spaniards and the guarantee of the law to defend their freedom and their rights".

"If somebody tries to declare the independence of part of the territory - something that can not be done - we will have to do everything possible to apply the law", Catalá said. "I understand your worries, but you can make sure you have the support of all Spanish". "Spain is an incredible country, with its literature, sport, cities..."

If Madrid decides that Catalonia is acting unconstitutionally, Rajoy could invoke emergency powers to take control of the Catalan government.

He said, "There is a very clear popular desire, which I don't think anyone disputes anymore".

Some young Catalans have said they feel they are fighting not only for their generation, but for their grandparents as well. "She would be so proud of us".

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