Google Home, Home Mini, Home Max launched; Check price, specs, features

Google Home Gets New Night Mode, Refreshed App UI

Google Home night mode lets users schedule quiet hours

"Nest Hello along with Google Home would be able to automate door management for homes, security and many other home affairs", said Nest.

Google announced the mini version of its Google Home speaker at its special event on 4 October 2017, alongside the larger Google Home Max, new Pixel 2 phones, the Pixelbook, and the Daydream View VR headset. Sitting either side of the original Home, are the Home Mini and the premium Google Home Max. Their parents can create account and entire family can use Google home not only for family works but also for teaching and engaging kids.

It is created to be used on its side, but thanks to some helpful magnets it can be stood up too. For now, the majority of Google's revenue comes from advertising, but that could change as its parent company introduces hardware devices that require services to run.

Impressively, that fabric cover is still actually touch-sensitive - so you can tap in various places to pause music, change the volume, or start talking to the Assistant. The Home Mini is, of course, powered by Google's Assistant rather than Amazon's Alexa, though.

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The Google Home Max goes on sale in December for $399.

The Home Max has Cast built-in, along with Bluetooth and a standard 3.5mm jack. You can even find it when your device is in silent mode. Also beneath the simple and consistent surface of the Google Home Max are two custom tweeters which are supposed to provide you with maximally clear and sharp high notes, with the package itself being extremely loud if necessary.

Its relatively low cost means it'll appeal to a wider audience and it's tempting to pick up more than one to really kick your smart home into gear. It sounds impressive in theory and doesn't disappoint in practice, though it remains to be seen how the speaker's automatic reconfiguration systems will perform in environments that are less controlled than Google's convention venues. If you love Google Assistant and its ecosystem, this is now the easiest, cheapest way to integrate it into you life.

Additionally, the Google Home will also be sold in Japan coming soon, and Japanese owners will also be able to take advantage of features like multiple users, just like the above-named countries. I'm no audiophile, but my first impression of the Home Max is definitely positive.

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