McDonald's brings back Szechuan Sauce for one day only

Get Schwifty! McDonald's is bringing back Szechuan Sauce for one day thanks to Rick and Morty

McDonald's is bringing back Rick and Morty's beloved Szechaun Sauce for one day only

Thanks in part to the Adult Swim show's popularity and its lead character's never-ending quest for that elusive Szechaun Sauce - he calls it his "one-armed man" and his "series arc even if it takes 9 seasons" - the fast food chain is bringing it back for one day only.

Currently, an "authentic" bottle of McDonald's Szechuan sauce is up for grabs in an eBay bidding war for $3,500 with 48 bids at the time of this story. Those restaurants, however, will not have the Szechaun Sauce.

"Guys, we did it".

You'll be able to find Szechuan sauce at two McDonald's restaurants in metro Detroit and more across the USA on October 7 only, so we advise stocking up because not only is the stuff deliciously sweet and tangy, but it can also be flipped on eBay for a hefty profit.

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The promotion is part of McDonald's launch of its new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders and Signature Sauce. "It's a great moment for McDonald's and our fans that I'm definitely not taking for granted". He's been trying to get back to that sauce this whole time, you see. They will also be giving out limited-edition posters.

In an effort to help promote their new buttermilk crispy tenders, McD's is offering the coveted Szechuan Sauce at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 7, at the 4294 N. Alafaya Trail location.

Fans of the animated television show "Rick and Morty" can rejoice. The posters, free with a purchase, can also be found locally at McDonald's in University Heights, Berea, Lakewood and Cleveland (Carnegie Ave. and E. 55th locations).

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