Found the head of the journalist that went missing from submarines

Members of the Danish Emergency Management Agency search for the missing bodyparts of journalist Kim Wall

SCANPIX DENMARK REUTERS Members of the Danish Emergency Management Agency search for the missing bodyparts of journalist Kim Wall

The head, legs and clothes of Swedish journalist Kim Wall - who died after going on a trip with an inventor on his submarine - have been found by divers, police in Denmark have said.

The freelance journalist was last seen alive on 10 August when she went to interview the inventor Peter Madsen, who has been charged with her murder.

Moller also said that no fractures were found on Wall's skull, which appears to scuttle Madsen's claims that she was hit in the head by a hatch on the submarine. A warning - there are disturbing details in this report.

Wall, 30, died after going out on Madsen's homemade submarine on August 10 for a story. Identification was based on dental records from Sweden, he said. "Around twelve we found a leg, at that point another leg, and presently we found a head, likewise in a sack weighted around a few metal pieces".

The following day, Madsen was rescued from the sinking submarine without Wall and was arrested the same day.

However, the police reported that the body was discovered 15 injuries.

Police have now found a head and two legs that very likely belong to Kim Wall, said Jens Møller, the chief homicide investigator.

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Madsen is accused of killing Wall.

12 days later, a passing cyclist found Wall's decapitated torso after it got washed ashore.

His homemade submarine Nautilus, launched in 2008, was the biggest private sub ever made when he built it with help from a group of volunteers. He told the Copenhagen City Court that Wall was badly injured and probably dead. He also denies a charge of mutilating her corpse.

Madsen was later captured and held in guardianship on doubt of murdering Wall.

Wall studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris, the London School of Economics and at Columbia University in NY, where she graduated with a master's degree in journalism in 2013.

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