Nursing home where 12 died after Irma shuts down

A Florida nursing home that had 12 patients die after Hurricane Irma has laid off workers

Broward Nursing Home Expands Lawsuit Against State

Two more patients who lived inside a stifling Florida nursing home that lost its air conditioning during Hurricane Irma have died, bringing the total to 14, authorities said Monday.

Mrs. Franco was married to 92-year-old Miguel Antonio Franco, one of the first eight residents to die in the overheated care facility September 13, according to family attorney Albert Levin.

On Sept. 13, eight residents died and other residents were evacuated from the sweltering facility after the electric transformer that powered the facility's air conditioning was damaged during the storm.

Franco's husband, 93-year-old Miguel Franco, also died after the tragedy. Cecilia Franco, one of the residents evacuated hours after residents began dying, was described by family lawyers as being in serious condition.

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The state has suspended the home's license.

The 245 employees - including five doctors, 79 certified nursing assistants, 37 licensed practical nurses, 23 occupational or physical therapists, 18 registered nurses, 10 administrative assistants, 25 environmental or laundry workers and other staffers who worked in engineering, supplies and other upkeep tasks - were let go on September 20, according to the Sun Sentinel. The state advised managers "multiple times" to call 911 if such a situation arose - "Something they failed to do", the 159-page report said. Last week, the facility laid off 245 workers, including doctors, nurses, therapists and others.

The deaths are part of an ongoing criminal investigation by the Hollywood, Florida police department.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott issued emergency rules later that month.

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