Courageous woman becomes social media star by wrestling with shark

The brave agent'herded the shark into shallow water and then bent over to pick it

The brave agent'herded the shark into shallow water and then bent over to pick it

A Sydney, Australia, real estate agent is being hailed a hero after video of her saving a small Port Jackson shark stuck in a rock pool in Cronulla went viral.

Instead of picking up a shark to take a selfie with it like these idiots did, perhaps go the route that a Sydney real estate agent named Melissa Hatheier went instead.

The crowd of onlookers cheered after she tossed the shark into the ocean, to which she raised her arms in triumph.

The video of this little feat, posted on Facebook, has been widely commented on.

A woman's fearless antics went viral after footage showed her picking up a shark, wrestling with and before and throwing it back into the sea. "I would have walked on water to get out of the pool".

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Hatheier's mother was swimming with the local club "The Jellybean Minstrels" when she spotted the shark.

"He was pretty distressed and bumping into things, so I just followed him around for a bit", she said.

I herded the shark into the shallows and then I just sort of jumped on him and put my knees on his fins. "I then grabbed him around the neck so he couldn't swing around and bite me". He wasn't that heavy but his skin was very rough, like sandpaper.

"My mum swims there every morning with friends and they rang me saying there was a shark, so I ran down there", she told the outlet. After getting close to it, Hatheier said the shark became stressed and started hitting its head against the rocks. "I wasn't really scared but I wouldn't have done it with a great white [shark]".

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