Razer may launch a smartphone designed for hardcore gamers on Nov 1

Razer Smartphone leak

Gaming company Razer is developing a mobile device that will be ready by the end of the year

Razer today teased a big event for November 1st, just two days ahead of the release of the iPhone X. The company teased the big unveiling with the tagline "Watch".

Razer has become a very popular brand in gaming world with hardware and computers it produces.

Until Razer confirms it, it can be taken as anything from a smartphone to a PSP-like gaming device.

Earlier today, PhoneRadar came across a GFXBench listing referencing a "Razer Phone" that's nearly certainly what we'll be seeing next month.

Cloud-based streaming, in fact, was one of Nextbit's strengths, and it would negate the need to download huge game files on your phone. If Razer finds a way to push gaming data to the cloud, it would allow gamers to have more accessible storage at all times giving them a much needed sigh of relief from deleting content in order to enjoy new content.

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Razer is finally doing something with Nextbit.

A hefty helping of RAM helps a ton when it comes to powering games, but it's by no means the only factor in getting graphically intensive games to run smoothly. But it's dabbled in gaming-centric mobile devices before.

Is Razer making a phone? The specs are what you'd expect from a flagship device in 2017 but there's one detail that catches the eye. Once again, it remains to be seen if Razer's smartphone will be oriented towards gamers and whether it will attempt to fix some of these core issues.

Nextbit Robin (Credit: Tom's Guide) The Robin may offer some clue as to the Razer phone's feature set. The company now seems ready to announce the phone it's been working on since acquiring Nextbit.

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