Trump on UK Crime Report: 'We Must Keep America Safe'

President Donald Trump.   Kevin Dietsch-Pool  Getty Images

President Donald Trump. Kevin Dietsch-Pool Getty Images

President Donald Trump on Friday erroneously said a new report linked an increase in crime in parts of the United Kingdom to the "spread of Radical Islamic terror". The report says the uptick "reflects a range of factors", including an increase in incidents, improvements to how crimes are recorded and more victims coming forward.

The crime report includes all crimes, including shootings, robberies and sexual offenses - which are not terror-related - according to the Guardian. Not good, we must keep America safe!

Trump's tweet continued a tradition of looking across the pond only to see terrorism, with his previous Britain-centered comments claiming that police were afraid of radicalized citizens and criticizing London Mayor Sadiq Khan in the immediate aftermath of attacks.

But murders and attempted murders attributed to terrorism represent well under one per cent of the crimes cited in yesterday's report, almost all of which have no link to extremism.

"Trump tweeted this message following a report by the U.K.'s Office for National Statistics (ONS) that said crime in England and Wales had risen by 13 percent over the previous year". It excluded the 35 people killed in the London and Manchester terrorist attacks, and the 96 Hillsborough deaths in 1989 - a decision reflecting the rarity of the tragic incidents.

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"Donald Trump would be better paced looking at issues in his own country such as the huge number of deaths from gun violence which despite repeated atrocities from Sandy Hook to Las Vegas, the US government have failed to take action on", Doughty told the Daily Mail.

President Donald Trump listens during a meeting with Governor. The report said, "of the 664 homicides recorded in the year ending June 2017, there were 35 relating to the London and Manchester terror attacks".

According to the ONS, there were 6,696 firearms offenses throughout the whole of England and Wales from 2016-17.

Trump also prompted fury for criticising London's Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan, after a June attack at London Bridge.

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