Google's Big-Screened Pixel 2 XL May Have Big Screen Problems

Google's Big-Screened Pixel 2 XL May Have Big Screen Problems

Pixel 2 XL screen burn-in issue reported, Google says its 'actively investigating'

Early Pixel 2 users have voiced frustration with mishaps, including a potentially serious problem with the screen. The Pixel 2 XL has wild color shifting issues, turning whites and grays completely blue when viewed even slightly off-axis.

As for storage, these phones follow the same path's: Apple's traditional one. At the moment, the issue is limited to the Pixel 2 XL and not the Pixel 2. Let us see if any other users report the same in the near future.

Google is grappling with complaints that its expensive flagship Pixel 2 XL smartphones are suffering from screen "burn in". The OnePlus 5, meanwhile, was said to have a wobbly screen when scrolling fast.

However, screen burn-in is usually something that manifests after years of use. We will be examining our review units to look for such an issue, as OLED screen burn-in is no laughing matter when you've spent over $849 on a device.

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Google wants to take on Apple's iPhone, but having a nasty display burn-in problem is a clear way to show consumers that they're not really a prime time smartphone player yet. Mashable has confirmed the color shifting on our Pixel 2 XL review unit and you can see it in the video below. In a followup comment, dpezet stated that they'll be receiving a replacement unit shortly, and they were given a $10 Google Play credit for their trouble.

The publication has shared a handy guide on how to spot screen burn, advising individuals to open up a bright red or black background and check the portions where the navigation buttons and notifications areas reside for any ghost image left behind. In addition, a number of users (notably Android Central executive editor Alex Dobie, whose tweet drew large attention to the issue) began experiencing burn-in on their Pixel 2 XLs.

Google also sent emails over the weekend to buyers advising that delivery of their Pixel 2 may be delayed as much as one month, to late November, according to the AndroidPolice news blog and users' postings on Reddit forums. Just like Samsung or Apple, Google too, has attractive cases made from genuine leather.

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