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Former FBI Director James Comey, who's maintained a relatively low profile following his dismissal by President Donald Trump in May, appeared in a curious photo that surfaced on a Twitter account to which he is allegedly tied.

At the time, the FBI refused to say whether Comey was behind @projectexile7, but the user himself put up a meme reacting to the detailed Gizmodo investigation into the account.

Speculation had been circling for months about whether the account was being run by Comey, and even before his online identity was confirmed, Twitter users had already raised the possibility that the director, who was sacked by President Donald Trump in May, might be running for president.

"On the road home", Comey wrote in a post, which depicted him standing in the middle of a country road.

Reinhold Niebuhr was a well-known theologian about whom Comey wrote an undergraduate thesis at the College of William & Mary.

On Sunday, he posted a picture of some pelicans, and on Monday apparently copped to being Comey.

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Other recent tweets from the account show scenic pictures from different places, including Iowa.

Benjamin Wittes, a Senior Fellow at Brookings and the editor in chief at Lawfare also confirmed that the account was run by Comey himself.

One could only imagine what Comey might have been tweeting had he been active on Twitter during some of President Trump's most vile attacks toward him and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Some see a message about future plans in Comey's tweets. Immediately, pundits, journalists, and others online began to speculate both seriously and not-quite-as-seriously about whether this was some sort of signal that Comey would be running for office.

Six weeks earlier, Comey said during the annual Intelligence and National Security Alliance Leadership dinner that had secret Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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