Star Trek: Discovery Will Return for Season 2

Star Trek Discovery Lethe

'Star Trek: Discovery' Renewed For Second Season At CBS All Access

Discovery began, much was made of whether or not the show would be able to sustain subscriptions to CBS's digital "All Access" service for a second season and beyond, as the show is only available in the U.S. on the service. The series has a more serialized approach than your traditional Trek show, reminiscent of Deep Space Nine at its best, and this helps keep the fans hooked. Ratings have been strong as well. People have been commenting to us that they refuse to sign up for another streaming service to get access to the show.

A second-season renewal for the series is important.

From as far as we can tell, as of right now, the second season will follow the first season's strategy, releasing the show weekly on their standalone streaming service. No details about the second season were given - such as the number of episodes, or whether or not it too will be split into separate chapters as season one has been - but presumably the show will continue to air in the USA exclusively on All Access, rather than making the leap to network TV.

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Sonequa Martin-Green stars on "Star Trek: Discovery" as the first Black female lead character in the franchise.

No current premiere date is set, but it sounds like it will be late 2018.

In light of the news, the show released promotional imagery of the cast to spotlight the next season - with one noticeable omission from the first season: Michelle Yeoh. British sci-fi dramedy "Misfits", Fox's "Firefly", Netflix import "Black Mirror", CW's "The Flash" and Nichelle Nichols' turn on the original "Star Trek", are the only major examples of Black women stepping into the forefront.

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