New Surface Pro Downloads at 450 Mbps

Microsoft's Surface Pro with LTE launches in December

Surface Pro with LTE Will Begin Shipping in December

MICROSOFT HAS CONFIRMED that the long-rumoured Surface Pro LTE will be arriving in December.

The Surface Pro with LTE Advanced will feature support for 20 cellular bands, Microsoft says, which means the device will work in virtually any country. Across the top of the Surface Pro, Microsoft integrated seven antennae, with support for global LTE bands, into what it claims are the smallest LTE tablet bezels now on the market.

Take a look at some of the engineering work that went into the new Surface Pro with LTE Advanced.

Unveiled during the during the software giant's Future Decoded conference in London, the new Surface Pro with LTE Advanced model will allow users to connect to compatible 4G cellular networks beginning next month.

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Following the release of the Surface Book 2 is an LTE version of this year's Surface Pro, although initially, the LTE version will only be available for businesses.

The Microsoft Surface family will see an upgrade this holiday season with the Surface Book 2 shipping on November 16, followed by the Surface Pro LTE on December 1.

With a Cat 9 modem, the Surface Pro with LTE promises some of the best LTE performance around, as well as fierce processing power thanks to the Intel Core i5 chip.

No words on how built-in LTE might impact battery life, estimated at up to 13.5 hours for regular Surface Pro SKUs. "With so many changing locations your device becomes your office and many of our customers tell us that's what their Surface is to them - a mobile office", said Panos Panay, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Devices in announcement blog post. "This is not consistent with our ongoing testing and we have a good ongoing conversation with them..."

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