Avengers X-Men A Possibility; Disney Wants To Buy FOX Studios

Officer Bob Iger holds a news conference at Shanghai Disney Resort as part of the three-day Grand Opening events in Shanghai China

Disney Looked at Buying Most of Fox, Talks Now Dead, CNBC Says

Anything can happen day is falling on a Monday this week as published reports say the Walt Disney Co. has been holding talks to buy most of 21st Century Fox.

Disney was recently in talks with 21st Century Fox to buy most of the company, according to CNBC's David Faber.

Neither Disney nor Fox has commented on the apparent scoop, and it's crucial to note that there's no guarantee anything will happen.

The deal would apparently see Fox let go of its scripted content and exist as a "media company tightly focused on news and sports" thereafter.

According to CNBC, 20th Century Fox is willing to sell many of its assets over to Disney. Rather, the Fox broadcast network wouldn't be part of this potential deal, nor would its business or news channels, its local affiliates, and similar. Disney, which under USA rules could not own two broadcast networks, would not purchase all of Fox, CNBC reported, citing the same sources.

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Even in 1998, it might have seemed inevitable that Disney would someday own at least some of Fox.

It did discuss buying Fox's movie and TV production studios, cable networks FX and National Geographic and global assets such as the Star network in India and European pay TV provider Sky Plc, CNBC said. It is possible Disney and 21st Century Fox could reopen discussions about some kind of acquisition, but there's reportedly nothing final in the pipeline yet. While some have already begun speculating about this potentially exciting news, sources close to Fox have said that the company wishes to move forward while focusing its efforts on the news and sports arenas of the entertainment world.

Disney announced plans in September 2017 to remove its Marvel and Star Wars projects from Netflix as it readies its own streaming service in 2019. Disney would also acquire such heavyweight franchises as Alien, Predator, Planet of the Apes, Kingsman, Die Hard and, most enticingly, Avatar.

It'd definitely be interesting.

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