North Korea, trade top Trump's agenda in China

Exclusive China curbs tourism to North Korea ahead of Trump visit- sources

Exclusive China curbs tourism to North Korea ahead of Trump visit- sources

And he was welcomed with open arms: Trump's reception in the Chinese capital on Wednesday was complete with Chinese schoolchildren on the tarmac waving US and Chinese flags and others later uttering "I love you" to the US President.

"The Chinese have figured out how to play Trump: flatter him".

Writing in response to questions submitted by Bloomberg News, Commerce Minister Zhong Shan said the first-ever China International Import Expo (CIIE), to be held November 5 to 10, 2018 in Shanghai, is a signal that President Xi Jinping is following through on pledges to further open China's economy.

Trump has made narrowing the multibillion-dollar USA trade deficit with China a priority of his administration.

Trump could also use an alternative temporary phone as another way to avoid the risk of compromising his smartphone in a country which is often accused of hacking.

Instead, Trump's administration is leaning much more heavily on dialogue with Chinese officials - notably direct talks with his counterpart, President Xi Jinping - than other more dramatic powers afforded to him by the presidency.

"I am not holding my breath given his track record of statements attacking the United States news media, labelling news reports he doesn't like as "fake" and threatening retaliation of various kinds against news organisations", said Rebecca MacKinnon, an American who worked in China as a journalist and now runs the Ranking Digital Rights project at the New America think tank in Washington. He also threatened to punish China for manipulating the value of its currency. It is rare for any world leader, particularly for United States presidents, to be invited to dine inside the Forbidden City.

The president said he was "having a great time" and at one point exclaimed "wow".

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Cui says another thing China had to do was "find a channel through which to communicate with Trump".

Trump has offered no signs that his stance on China has changed or that he views the Asian powerhouse as less destructive to USA manufacturing or threatening to the US' continued economic dominance.

The Trump administration needs more time to assign State Department officials in charge of issues relating to non-proliferation and weapons of mass destruction, the Russian diplomat said.

While both those leaders are key USA allies, Trump will be facing a much more formidable task in China, where he will be hoping to get support from Xi for reigning in North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, as well as trade issues. One key step, China signing on to new UN Security Council sanctions, came only after the White House delayed a move to launch an investigation into alleged Chinese intellectual property theft. The administration's inclusion of India as a partner in its strategy has been read by some in Beijing and elsewhere as a bid to contain China, which Trump aides deny.

Whether a country registers a trade surplus or deficit is largely decided by its role in the global division of labour and its development stage. Russian Federation will "never recognise North Korea" as a nuclear state, which puts Moscow and Washington in "close" positions, Ulyanov said.

"How President Trump communicates with the outside is not something you need to worry about", he said.

But, he stressed, "this issue can not be solved all by China's self".

"I think we can say that so far, our measures have been relatively successful", comments Wu Xinbo with the Center for American Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai.

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