Twitter Expands Tweets to 280 Characters - Except in Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Twitter Publicizes and Executes Character Limit Expansion

Twitter, Inc.'s 280-Character Limit: A Move in the Right Direction

Twitter doubled their character limit from the traditional 140 to 280 on Tuesday to mixed opinions from it's users.

It should be noted, however, that the new character limit would not be available for all users.

But how would 280 characters have impacted some of the most iconic tweets that this godforsaken website has ever produced? During the 280-character tests, that number fell significantly, according to a graph of English-only tweets provided by Twitter.

Only 5% of tweets sent from test users were longer than 140 characters. But now, most people use Twitter through its mobile app; the 140-character limit is no longer a technical constraint but nostalgia. Users will now be able to use up to 280 characters. Because Twitter users for the last 11 years have been habituated to the 140-character limit, lengthier posts may not seem quite right to current users, at least not yet. Those above 190 accounted for a mere 2%.

Increasing the character limit should not affect people's experience on the site, she added.

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Perhaps more interesting than the product change itself is Twitter's speed of testing and deployment of a bold update.

While AC Milan took the opportunity to write in one tweet all the trophies they've won, the Red Devils discussed whether they should change #DaveSaves to #DavidSaves.

Twitter, meanwhile, appears also to be banking that by freeing users from the 140-character straitjacket, its platform will gain in popularity. Fortunately, Rosen promises more to come: "We'll continue listening and working to make Twitter easier for everyone while making sure we keep what you love".

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