Lakeland Elementary Students Honor Veterans With Special Celebration

Local veterans are honored during Sanchez Elementary School's Veterans Day celebration

Local veterans are honored during Sanchez Elementary School's Veterans Day celebration

Students of Sierra Lutheran High School took the opportunity to connect with veterans on a personal level Friday at the first Veterans Day assembly since the school's inception.

Preschoolers sing during Sanchez Elementary School's Veterans Day celebration.

Shane Armstrong served overseas in Iraq, Germany, and Italy with the U.S. Army. He told to the students about the importance of serving your country. "They need to take action".

"It's a very excellent program, considering we're a small little town, but we get a lot of cooperation from the community as well as the school", retired Air Force nurse Marilyn Wahl said.

On Nov. 10, Antwerp Local School recognized Veterans Day. The students and staff work really hard on this every year.

Veterans Day activities are planned on a number of Cleburne ISD campuses, with area veterans, or those now serving, invited to attend.

A couple of military widows were also honored during this year's program.

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"Each year we build an honor wall that we display near the front of the building to recognize our local veterans", Melonas said. "That's a tradition that should be maintained".

It was a patriotic scene at the Custer Armory as the entire district gathered to honor Veteran's day. "Most young people have no idea what those people did over 70 years ago".

"I had to learn how to walk again", he said. "I was either unlucky to be there at the time or lucky I survived". "They fought hard for us and now we can show our appreciation by honoring them here today".

Ray Moore, of Aurora, a World War II veteran, spoke matter-of-factly about his service to his country. "We like them to bring in pictures, artifacts, things they can share with the kids to give the kids a sense of what it's like to serve in our military". "I offered that one way to honor the veterans, the ones who have gone before, and paid the great price of freedom is by emulating them or copying them".

At least 20 of the students honoring the veterans had a father or a mother now serving in the military, which made the ceremony especially meaningful for them.

David Sharos is a freelance reporter for The Beacon-News.

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