TripAdvisor marks hotels where sexual assaults have been reported with red badges

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TripAdvisor now has a digital badge to mark hotels where sexual assault was reported

Furthermore, the move from TripAdvisor comes around a week after The Milwaukee Jorunal Sentinel reported that TripAdvisor, on more than one occasion, deleted a Dallas woman's review alleging she was raped by a security guard at the Paraiso Maya resort.

TripAdvisor has added an badge to the pages about hotels where sexual assaults are reported, the travel website confirmed to CBS News on Wednesday.

The icon, which has been given to three Mexican resorts, reads, "Message from TripAdvisor: TripAdvisor has been made aware of recent media reports or events concerning this property which may not be reflected in reviews found on this listing. Accordingly, you may wish to perform additional research about this property when making your travel plans".

Based on news reports as well as comments from the TripAdvisor community, the warnings are also created to identify health and safety issue, said a company spokesman, Kevin Carter.

"These badges will remain on TripAdvisor for up to three months".

Additionally, TripAdvisor said it has amended the communications about hearsay that it sends to its users, making "changes in order to be more clear about the reasons the review doesn't meet guidelines and what part of it is in violation".

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A news release referenced a USA Today network article regarding a woman's online report that she had been sexually assaulted at the Iberostar Paraiso hotel near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. TripAdvisor later issued a public apology to Love.

A designated committee of TripAdvisor employees will look through different responses and hotels and will mark them as "safe" with a designated badge. The company did an inventory of reviews posted in the a year ago and found "thousand of issues come up about health and safety and discrimination", he said.

Tripadvisor has started displaying warning signs against hotels where sex assaults have occurred, it has announced.

The website had even deleted earlier advisory warnings from before she took the trip about the resort, on the basis that the reviews were not "family friendly".

He also said the badges were meant to inform people, not punish the hotel. Destinations will be marked for up to 3 months before needing a new review unless TripAdvisor extends it.

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