Google Job Search Results Now Include Salary Data or Estimates

Google Search now shows estimated salary ranges for online job listings

Google's job search platform now shows salaries, adds location filter and save feature

The search giant said on Wednesday that it upgraded its job search tool so that people can see salary information for job postings that they may be interested in, something that Google estimates is missing from over 85% of USA job postings. This makes it easier to limit a job search to a specific city or even a mileage radius from your location.

Google Search's built-in jobs search engine, which launched earlier this year, is getting an update today. It also attempts to fill in the blanks on a glaring omission in almost 85% of all job postings, according to Google: an actual salary. And if you're ready to apply, you can choose where you submit your application if there's a choice.

With this feature, you can search for a job and set a distance range. In many cases, Google will display estimated salary ranges plucked from multiple sources (including Glassdoor, LinkedIn and PayScale) whether or not the listing itself mentions pay.

Nick Zakrasek, the product manager said, "It's hard to imagine search that has more impact than trying to find a job for yourself".

This is not the just which Google has upgraded with its Google job search platform, it also added some filters over there which will help you in selecting your desired location in which you are seeking for a job. If the job is posted in multiple sites job seekers will be able to apply for it through their preferred site. With a bookmark button alongside each posting, saving is as simple as a single tap.

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That's because Google will display a representative logo of the site from which it uses estimated or actual salary information for a particular job listing.

These changes are coming based on feedback from job seekers. "Then that job will appear in your "Saved jobs" tabs on Google, which is accessible across any of your devices".

Google's tool should become more useful for job hunts in the future, too.

That's a handy feature, but Google is also rounding out this service with a couple of extra options. The company has added an easy way for users to tell Google what search area to use when searching for jobs that match their query.

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