OH gubernatorial candidate: 'I was sexually intimate with 50 very attractive females'

Ohio Supreme Court justice 'on behalf of all heterosexual males' posts on Facebook about sexual history

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill Allegedly Posts About Sexual Encounters On Facebook

O'Neill then appeared to list some women with whom he had sexual encounters.

O'Neill on Friday shared the following update on Facebook.

"Now that the dogs of war are calling for the head of Senator Al Franken I believe it is time to speak up on behalf of all heterosexual males", he wrote Friday.

"As a candidate for Governor let me save my opponents some research time", O'Neill added.

To that end, Bill O'Neill told the world that he had been "sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females", including one "gorgeous blonde" with whom he had "made passionate love" in a hayloft.

He goes on to plead that America return to discussing issues that he sees as more important, such as legalizing marijuana and the opioid crisis.

Ohio Democratic Chairman David Pepper also commented on the quickly escalating controversy, calling it "just a awful post" that dehumanized women and trivialized an important national conversation about rape culture and sexual assault.

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O'Neill confirmed that he wrote the post.

"Roy Moore apparently seems to be a challenged individual when it comes to morality", O'Neill told the OH news site. Questions about judicial ethics and the ability to remain impartial while campaigning were raised by fellow politicians and editorial boards across the state.

Judge O'Neill also said he did not think it improper for a Supreme Court justice to divulge particulars of his sex life.

Critics say O'Neill is trivializing the issue. Al Franken (D-MN), the candidate's campaign manager has resigned. And I fully understand the anguish of victims, . "I have been out of pocket all day, and had no prior knowledge of his statement".

"Sexual harassment and assault are no laughing matter", Clevenger wrote in a subsequent tweet. "The next Governor of OH must take it seriously to receive my vote", Clevenger concluded.

While it is clear O'Neill was referring to "a gorgeous personal secretary" who worked for Senator Taft, the language reads like he is listing Taft along with the secretary, which led Slate to report O'Neill's "inadvertent" claim he slept with Senator Taft.

Hours after detailing his sexual history on Facebook, sitting Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill told WKYC's Monica Robins he'll likely drop out of the 2018 Ohio gubernatorial race.

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