The Next Rainbow Six Siege Operators Are Insane; Co-op Mode Announced

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Content Roadmap Announced

Rainbow Six Siege DLC For Year 3 Announced, New Maps And Operators Coming

Following on from the latest content reveal of Operation White noise, Ubisoft have confirmed that year 3 is on the way and have teased some of the content. This event will be playable during four weeks for free for Rainbow Six Siege owners. It will also include Outbreak, a new, limited-time co-op event.

Ubisoft doesn't want to talk about Outbreak and Operation Chimera in detail yet, but you can expect full details at the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational in February.

Beyond Operation Chimera, the rest of the upcoming year's seasons for the game include more traditional seasons as well as another that's a bit different much like the first.

Year 3 will run in four quarterly seasons that kicks off in January 2018. While zombies haven't explicitly been mentioned, the Operator's biohazard specialty and the use of "Outbreak" hints toward some sort of zombie encounter.

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We are just about to come to the end of Rainbow Six Siege's second year of content, which means it is time to start looking ahead to "Year Three".

And it looks like it could be a Zombie mode, with it tied to the biohazard and quarantine theme of year 3 season one - Operation Chimera.

On top of that, two new operators from the Italian GIS, and a new map set in Italy, will be introduced in season 2. Season 4 returns to form with a Morocco map and two operators from the Moroccan GIGR. "With that special event, we are taking [the new operators] and a bunch of Rainbow Six in a four-week event that has really a twist on it". Season 3 will rework an existing map with new gameplay and tactics, while adding an operator each from Scotland Yard in the United Kingdom and Delta Force in the US.

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