Woman with anti-Trump sticker on truck posts controversial change

Texas Motorist with Profane Anti-Trump Sticker on Truck Adds Local Sheriff to Display after Being Arrested on Outstanding Warrant

The 'F*ck Trump' Truck Lady Has Added An Addition To Her Display After Being Arrested

But she didn't back down, and now she's further exercise her right to free speech-and the generous canvas of her truck's windows-with a new decal for the haters and losers. Later, he deleted the post and tried to justify this attack on free speech in a press conference.

In his Facebook post, Nehls said he needed to talk with the proprietor of the truck after he got a few objections about the sticker. Fonseca's husband, Mike Fonseca, said she was arrested at their home in Stafford in front of her 6-year-old daughter and he questioned the timing.

The following day, Nehls erased the post. If you know who owns this truck or it is yours, I would like to discuss it with you. A few days later, Fonseca was arrested on unrelated fraud charges. She said they have been targets of cyber-bullies.

The discussion began after Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls posted a photo of the decal Wednesday on Facebook.

Throughout the end of the week, Fonseca added another decal to the pickup's window that peruses, "F*** Troy Nehls, and f*** you for voting in favor of him". "I'm just one person, but if I can be used as bait for Troy Nehls to gain approval for him to gain supporters in his race for Congress against Pete Olsen, then this how the system works".

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The sheriff, a Republican who is not seeking re-election, slapped at Fonseca after learning about her new message.

At a news conference outside the Fort Bend County Justice Center on Monday, Fonseca slammed the sheriff, who is considering a run for Congress, and accused him of pulling a political stunt. "If you can say 'grab those women by the p****,'" Fonseca said, referencing President Trump. For just $9.99 anyone wishing to test how easily their message can slip under the radar and even for those who aren't fans of bright red, the "F**k Trump" Baseball Cap comes in many different colors. The indictment continues, charging that Fonseca did not have the consent of the victim to use her identifying documents.

Once we verified the outstanding warrant, steps were taken to serve the warrant. We're getting more positive than negative. This recognition did not cause her to be indicted by a grand jury for Felony Fraud (this happened back in August of 2017), but it did bring the subsequent warrant to our attention and we did our job by arresting her.

The facts in this case as I see them are that Karen Fonseca wanted to place her feelings into the public realm by driving around with an obscenity on her vehicle.

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