Crabtree-Talib first-quarter squabble results in three ejections

Video Amari Cooper Leaves Game After Scary Looking Head Collision

Video Amari Cooper Leaves Game After Scary Looking Head Collision

Click on the video above to watch as a mass brawl erupts between the two AFC West rivals, with a tussle between Crabtree and Talib at the heart of it. Crabtree and Talib were both ejected for their role in the fight, as was Raiders guard Gabe Jackson.

The scuffle continued into the end zone, where Crabtree took an errant swing at Talib before order was ultimately restored and both players left the field.

Crabtree was still engaged with Talib at the time and continued to pull him onto the Broncos sideline and eventually drove him to the ground.

Meanwhile, a helmet-less Crabtree, and Talib, had escaped attention and were once again going at it.

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Last year, he snatched Crabtree's chain off his neck like he was Debo asking Red what he had on his 40.

On the previous play, Crabtree injured Talib's teammate Chris Harris Jr. on a downfield block.

While the Seahawks were playing a quiet first half in Santa Clara, Calif., against the 49ers, across the Bay, a brawl broke out between the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos. It was the Raiders' first interception of the season and came two plays after Paxton Lynch had a touchdown pass to running back Devontae Booker overturned. Lynch ran off the sideline to join a fight earlier this season against Kansas City and was ejected and suspended one game when he shoved an official.

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