Naya Rivera Arrested for Domestic Battery

Glee actor Naya Rivera arrested for domestic battery charges

Glee actor Naya Rivera arrested for domestic battery charges

Video from WCHS Eyewitness News in Charleston, W.V., which originally broke the news, shows Rivera in handcuffs while being arraigned. Rivera was then arrested and charged with domestic battery. Dorsey claimed Rivera had "struck him in the head and face" and authorities saw "minor injuries" which corroborated his claims. He also showed the police video taken during the alleged incident. But the couple filed for divorce in November 2016 after just two years of marriage and earlier this year, Rivera was spotted kissing David Spade in a pool.

She married fellow actor Dorsey in 2014 and they had their son, Josey, now 2, in 2015.

However, in October 2017, Rivera called off the divorce and went back to husband Dorsey.

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According to both parties, Anderson and Rivera dealt with some drama of their own throughout their relationship. Rumors circulated that the song's lyrics featured digs at his relationship with Rivera, and the rapper revealed to Complex later on that the Glee star did in fact inspire the song. After bail was set at $1,000, Rivera was reportedly released on a personal-recognizance bond, in which the bail amount is waived if the suspect is not considered a flight risk.

Of course Rivera's ex-fiancé Big Sean took to Twitter to share his reaction of the news, which included the viral "I told y'all n***s" video taken of Lil Boosie's daughter.

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