You can now try a free trial of Destiny 2

Destiny 2 free trial available ahead of Curse of Osiris release

Destiny 2 free trial goes live on November 28th

Announced today, Bungie is going to be kicking off a free trial of the game tomorrow on all three of the platforms the game's available on. A couple of days back, Destiny 2 director Luke Smith posted a tweet trailing a December update to the game that will alter some of the economy and reward systems. In addition, a lengthy analysis posted on Reddit seemingly confirmed speculation that the amount of XP needed to level up had increased, fueling player ire. "We are not happy with the results, and we've heard the same from the community", the official statement read. Hopefully, they will also address the recent XP fiasco and how the studio plans to move forward there, as well. Bungie did not reveal any specific details, though we suspect that this free trial will offer everything that was available in the public beta phase. If you choose to check it out, you'll get to visit two areas, the EDZ and Titan, as well as the games' first social space, The Farm. They are always fast, efficient and can relate to gamers and their struggle because, well, they're pretty much ran by gamers and not business struck money driven.

Destiny 2 free trial available ahead of Curse of Osiris release

Still, this could leave some players wondering whether the company would have made this decision if the tedious XP system had not been discovered. The design of these systems clearly creates an incentive to pay-to-play, and they're just as clearly meant to push the player towards paying for items. As Eurogamer reports, Destiny 2 isn't without its controversy recently regarding constrained progress and a doubling of the XP required to level up. Come Destiny 3, you'll be expected to pay to unlock a new set of capabilities.

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