No Christmas tree shortage in western MA

Nationwide Christmas tree shortage impacts Kansas City

Tree Shortage: Dreaming Of A Green Christmas

"These farms not only offer a variety of trees; they also offer the opportunity to create lasting memories of choosing and cutting the ideal tree for the holiday season". "Our trees have been about the same price for the last several years". "These two weekends are probably about 60 percent of our season".

Fresh tree buyers tend to buy "pre-cut" trees from big chain stores, retail lots and garden centers.

"Next Sunday we will have Santa Claus with us all day", she said. But couldn't tell us how much fun customers are having. "It's a lot of hard work all throughout the year".

Right now, we're seeing a nationwide Christmas tree shortage.

Dozens of South Georgians have already started decorating for Christmas.

"I feel like starting out on your own, you want to start a tradition", he said.

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Planning on getting a real Christmas tree this season? "I wanted to do that".

"While music in the past has been in the background, it's more like the highlight focus of the tree lighting this year", Thompson said. Now 10 years later we have a tree shortage.

Growers are now planting more trees but it will take time for them to reach full height, which means next year prices could be higher again. Demand plumetted and growers either went out of business or planted fewer trees.

Emily Cosler, a sophomore finance and marketing double major, said she thought Johnnyswim was the flawless addition to this year's tree lighting.

"We had a awful drought last summer, but this summer we had the right amount of rain, the right amount of sun", she stated.

Not surprisingly, the tree growers have strong views about what kind of tree you should buy. They are handsome this year.

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