Google Sends 60-Day Warning To App Developers, Brands

Google Sends 60-Day Warning To App Developers, Brands

Google Sends 60-Day Warning To App Developers, Brands

Google Play Store offers a myriad of apps, most of which require access to your personal data before being installed on your Android smartphone. Apps can also be submitted for manual review if a developer feels their use of data collection falls within the guidelines. And now, it's launching a new app entirely dedicated for the same on Android platforms.

Once the user has installed the app on their Android device, the app will need to prompt a privacy policy that explicitly mentions what kind of data it procures from the user.

Any apps that fail to display a custom privacy policy will find that their Play Store listing is slapped with a warning.

The Safe Browsing warnings will appear "on apps and on websites leading to apps that collect a user's personal data without their consent", Google notes on its security blog.

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They must also ask a user's permission before they collect and transmit personal data that's unrelated to the functionality of the program, and clearly and prominently explain how the information will be used.

The company goes to say: "These data collection requirements apply to all functions of the app".

As one example, Stanton said an application would not be permitted to send data unrelated to the app during app analytics and crash reporting sessions without it first notifying the user of what it is doing and obtaining permission for that transmission. Google's help centre. Advice on making remedial actions will be available inside the facility. It also can't be placed in a privacy policy or terms of service and must not be bundled with non-privacy disclosures. This gives Android developers about two months to update their apps and make them compliant with the new rule. Failure to comply will result in a Safe Browsing warning from Google. App developers caught by the new Safe Browsing warnings can request an app review on the App Verifications and Appeals support page.

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