Ball: I 'didn't get a thank you' for shoes sent to president

LaVar Ball and his son Li Angelo Ball are seen in file

KABC La Var Ball and his son Li Angelo Ball are seen in file

LaMelo and LiAngelo - the younger brothers of Los Angeles Lakers starting point guard Lonzo Ball - have plenty of name recognition and accolades as they attempt to find professional landing spots ahead of their National Basketball Association draft turns.

"Fifty percent of the people are going to like it and 50 percent (are) going to be like, 'Man, that dude's ungrateful, '" Ball said Tuesday, referring to his reaction to Trump claiming responsibility for ensuring his son, LiAngelo Ball, didn't end up incarcerated in China following an arrest for shoplifting.

He's been pulled from the school apparently at the behest of father LaVar Ball, who's unhappy that his middle son was suspended by the school following his house arrest for shoplifting in China.

Speaking with "Today" after announcing that he is withdrawing LiAngelo from UCLA, the elder Ball insisted there was no reason to thank Trump.

Trump then got into a public dispute with Ball's father, LaVar Ball, the outspoken head of a sports apparel company who has two other basketball-playing sons.

This began when Ball accused Trump of doing little to help with the release of the players. "He know he got them shoes, and I'll tell you what, behind closed doors I think he's got "em on his feet, just dancin". "ZO2s bring you down, stop you from getting all riled up", he said.

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"It was awful", LiAngelo said.

"I'm going to make him way better for the draft than UCLA ever could have", Ball said.

"You just sit in a cement cell for however long", he said. "And if they did it, genuinely, do you really need to come up to me and say, 'Boy, you better thank me?'" LaVar Ball said. Like I told him, "They try to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes". LaVar Ball publicly downplayed Trump's role in freeing his son and refused to offer the praise that the president was expecting. "We only went to UCLA one and done".

The former UCLA freshman's first signature will add to BBB's growing lineup of sneakers that already includes Lonzo's ZO2 Prime, and 16-year old LaMelo's Melo Ball 1.

LaVar Ball has pulled his son, LiAngelo Ball, from UCLA rather than the guard completing an indefinite suspension. "Watch how I do this". "I'm 100 in. So I never get stopped".

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