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Metro School is Taking Advantage of 'Computer Science Education Week'

"Our students today will have jobs we don't even know exist right now", she said "Coding is paramount". This week, Microsoft is using its retail stores to host Hour of Code workshops, deploying its government affairs team to work with legislators to promote coding, and hosting educational events at its sales offices. "It makes you think and it helps you with problem solving", Jones said.

Those who made the pledge include Florida Governor Rick Scott, who made a $15 million investment to increase opportunities for middle and high school students and California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, who launched a Computer Science for California campaign to bring CS education to all students in California by 2025.

If you learn how to code, there's no limit what you can achieve. This year's Computer Science Education Week started today and runs through December 10.

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In 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that there will be 1.4 million computer science-related jobs available in the 2020 and only 400,000 graduates with computer science skills. The initiative was initially launched in the USA to "demystify the art of coding" and expand student participation in computer science. Recognized nationally, Computer Science Education Week is an annual program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to take interest in the field of computer science. Under each block is a line of Java code and the students can "look under the hood" to see the actual code which is being used. "Using Itelitek's CoderZ software platform, we built 50 virtual coding challenges that allow students to navigate robots through increasingly hard challenges". Not only are these tutorials easy to follow but they also introduce learners to "commands", "repeat loops" and "if statements", concepts which are the foundation of all computer programming.

Schools across the country are teaching students about Computer Science. "When students use technology to create something of their own design by coding, it builds both technical skill and confidence - both of which are critical for success in the future".

The initiative is part of an attempt to get underrepresented groups of people to try computer coding, according to Instructional Technology Resource Teacher for Harrisonburg City Schools, Stacey Penrod. There are more than 500,000 computing jobs open nationwide, but a year ago, only 42,969 computer science students graduated into the workforce.

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