Singapore Airlines Decides to Reroute Flights as Measure against N. Korea Missiles

Three chees North Korean leader Kim Jong Un celebrates after giving an order to test-fire the newly developed inter-continental ballistic rocket Hwasong-15

Airline Crew Says They Saw North Korean Test Missile Re-Enter Atmosphere

However, according to the scientist, the North Koreans for increase the range of missiles, could charge it with the simulation bomb, which had a small weight.

While tensions around the world about the possibility of the escalation of conflict in the Korean peninsula is pretty widespread, the ongoing missile tests by the North Korea regime is even more worrying for carriers conducting service across the North Pacific region.

The first airline recently to take such a safety precaution was Singapore Airlines, which confirmed a flight path for its route between Incheon Airport and Los Angeles was changed after North Korea's missile launch on July 27 earlier this year.

North Korea's new missile was reportedly a new type of nuclear-capable ICBM called the Hwasong-15.

The UN's International Civil Aviation Organization states that nations have a "responsibility to issue risk advisories regarding any threats to the safety of civilian aircraft operating in their airspace".

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Countries are required to give warnings about their upcoming missile tests as per worldwide agreements.

The North fired an intercontinental ballistic missile believed capable of hitting the US mainland last Wednesday.

The South China Morning Post says radar information shows other airlines were also flying in the general area of the test-including two Taiwanese airlines flying to Taipei from Vancouver and Seattle....and a Japanese airline flying from Frankfurt to Tokyo.

Crew and pilots from Cathay Pacific and Korean Air said they saw a North Korean missile during flights on November 29.

Travelers who are concerned should know the chances of an airplane colliding with a missile are extremely low: One safety analyst estimates that it is less than a billion to one.

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