Why Amazon and Google just can't get along

There's No Great Reason to Buy an Amazon Fire TV Anymore

Welcome to the Voice Wars

In a statement, a Google representative said it's taking the action because the YouTube apps on Amazon products aren't made by Google, like the YouTube app on the iPhone is, and the retail giant doesn't sell some Google products, such as Chromecast and Google Home. Seeing it go will definitely be upsetting for most users, even more so when they realize that it's all because of petty competition between two billion-dollar companies. That's it. There's no optical audio output or any other socket, which is a shame because there's certainly room for an HDMI passthrough, which would come in useful for cramming multiple 4K devices into a potentially limited number on the back of your TV. Without some broad-ranging truce, in which each company agrees to treat each other's services equally and let consumers decide what's best, Amazon and Google would only be undermining themselves. When configured with an Apple TV 4K unit and a 7.1 stereo system, audio is only being fed to one speaker and a subwoofer.

Amazon has launched the Amazon Prime Video app on Apple TV in over countries worldwide, just as Google pulls YouTube from Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show. As you might know Nest is now a Google subsidiary. "The Sports tab in the Apple TV app makes it even easier for fans in the United States to track the teams, games and moments that are important to them".

Roku's Express sells for just $30. It also can be watched on a Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire tablets. You'll get a more cinematic experience when watching your favourite shows with a crisper, brighter image.

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Also available is Thursday Night Football live on Apple TV 4K and Apple TV while Amazon's library of 4K high dynamic range (HDR) titles are also available on Apple TV 4K. Amazon joined Apple TV on Wednesday. You can't get access to Sky's 4K sports coverage (although that holds true on any platform save Sky Q), and although there is a Now TV app, this only provides access to Sports via day passes. It also has YouTube, but not Google Play. This is a game-changer and makes the Apple TV 4K a much more viable alternative to the Amazon Fire TV stick, if you're an iOS user.

Apple TV 4K isn't the best for United Kingdom sports fans either. Roku, a steaming player manufactured by Roku Inc., has gained popularity in the U.S. Being cheaper than Fire TV and Apple TV, it is the best-selling streaming device in the U.S., according to eMarketer.

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