Israeli army destroys tunnel from Gaza

Israel demolishes tunnel 'belonging to Hamas' from Gaza into its territory

IDF destroys Gaza terror tunnel being built by Hamas

It now seems that there is a possibility to discover additional terror tunnels, which challenges Hamas from restraining itself.

The underground barrier is made from bentonite and is combined with large iron cages with a system of advanced sensor and monitoring devices to detect tunnels.

On Friday the Israeli Air Force hit a Hamas training facility and a weapons depot belonging to the terror group, after terrorists in Gaza fired several rockets into Israel on Thursday and Friday.

A previously unknown Salafist group calling itself the Salahedin Brigades claimed responsibility for one of the rocket attacks, but Israel holds Hamas responsible for all attacks against the Jewish state emanating from Gaza. It was located about 1 kilometer from an Israeli community.

He declined to specify the exact location in Israeli territory and an exit point had not yet been created for the tunnel.

Military spokesman Jonathan Conricus said intelligence showed the tunnel belonged to Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip. It was destroyed by other means than explosives, Conricus said, but he would not give any further details.

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It was the second such operation in recent weeks, with the last tunnel destroyed on October 30. Hamas did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

Israel announced it was accelerating the creation of a new subterranean wall around Gaza in August.

During the 2014 Gaza war, Hamas militants launched surprise attacks from tunnels that crossed under Israel's security fence and into Israel.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the tunnels were an unacceptable threat and that Israel would invest "every resource" to stop them.

Such tunnels have been used in the past to carry out attacks. Identifying and destroying the tunnels became a major goal for the Israeli military, which found many tunnels that were more than a mile long and 60 feet deep.

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