Google re-enables touch controls for audio playback on the Home Mini

Upcoming Google Home speakers might feature multi-touch controls

Google re-enables touch controls for audio playback on the Home Mini

While the Google Home Mini isn't flawless, it's still a very good option when it comes to getting your feet wet with a smart speaker.

Back in October, Google had to disable the Home Mini's top button, after it was reported that the budget speaker was recording basically any and every sound. Google is rolling out a new feature which will allow you to operate the speaker for playing and pausing the device whatever you're listening to.

The touch functionality, though not vital for the device, is a welcomed ability becaues it eliminates the need to speak. With the latest update, Google has fixed the issue and returned the feature but not on the top of the speakers.

Here is something that users of the Google Home Mini would be rejoicing - the Mountain View company has come up with a new update that restores to some extent numerous touch functionalities that a previous update had removed.

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Meanwhile, it is important to note that the reactivation of the touch controls are now limited to users who joined Google's Preview Program.

The Home Mini is an affordable smart speaker that packs Google's Assistant. The Home Mini removed tapping to start speaking due to a hardware bug, though speaker controls are still present. But top on the middle seems to be second-nature for users than pressing long on the sides.

However, you will be able to play or pause music, end phone calls, and silence alarms by performing a long press on either side of the device. The update will also be available to Home Mini units that are enrolled in Google's software preview program.

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